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Geometry exploration

This collection of shapes is the result of my learning the LOGO programming language.  

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An attempt at using recursion

Cayley graph

All of my projects to date have required step by step instructions (some upwards of 300 lines of code!), so I decided to have a go at working out how to create a recursive code. After studying "Cayley graph 3D" working out in my head how the code was constructed, I was finally able to start my own. The following is based on an image of 

Cayley Graph of the Free Product Z3 * Z5

After much trial and error I was able to develop ...

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Recursive 2D fern leaf procedure

Blog project image

In my previous blog, I explained about a recursive tree procedure. Here is another one borrowed from Joshua's Logo Interpreter example: fern leaf procedure. This fern leaf procedure creates a 2D fern leaf in VRMath2's 3D space. You can examine it below in the 3D space with the LOGO program.

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Recursive 2D tree

Recursive 2D tree

One of the powerful abilities of LOGO programming language is its recursive execution of procedure. Recursive call of procedure means a procedure calls itself until an exiting condition is met. A recursive procedure can be very simple yet it can produce complex and beautiful mathematical graphics such as fractal images and naturally occurring objects.