Vectors in 3 Dimensions

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Please note - this page is still under construction and will be added to when possible

Whilst considering how VRMath could be beneficial to teachers at my school, I came across the idea of Vectors in 3D. 2D vectors have always been simple enough to show, being able to accurately represent them on paper, however, 3D vectors require more imaginative representations. For students who struggle to visualise the 3D vectors, the concept of adding vectors (and other concepts) needs to be taken on trust, denying a full understanding. With this in mind, I decided to see if I could create a micro world which showed 3D vectors.

As I have not looked at vectors in some time, I am working through chapter 3 in the book "Unit 3C Specialist Mathematics, A.J Sadler, 2009" creating LOGO codes and Microworlds as a proceed.

to date I have been able to...

Chapter 3A - Three dimensional vectors

Chapter 3B - Interception/Collision

  • Show situations with an initial position vectors and a velocity vectors 
  •  - link to blog (TBC)